Why Investing in a Laguna Beach Home for sale is the perfect choice
Laguna Beach Homes for Sale

Why Investing in a Laguna Beach Home for sale is the perfect choice


The first thing that springs to mind when considering the purchase of a Laguna Beach home is whether or not it will be a great investment.  While there are many reasons why owning a home in Laguna Beach is a wonderful option, the information provided here may provide better insight into why investing in a Laguna Beach home for sale is also a wise choice.

Laguna Beach is ideally situated between Los Angeles and San Diego – both major cities are conveniently located approximately an hour away by car – but Laguna’s prime location along the lush coastal area is considered to be one of the most beautiful stretches of the “California Riviera”.  This natural landscape of pristine cove beaches and wildflower-filled bluffs, surrounded by 7,000 acres of canyon wilderness, is home to world-class golfing, five-star resorts, internationally renowned Art Festivals, and dozens of award-winning restaurants. There is a very good reason why millions of visitors travel to Laguna Beach each summer – there is so much to see and enjoy.  So, to fill you in on the unique aspects of Laguna Beach and its coveted lifestyle, we have compiled a list of things you can look forward to below.

Laguna Beach Home for Sale – Living the Artistic Lifestyle

  • Exemplary Properties with an Artistic Ambience

The City of Laguna Beach was originally founded as an art colony and boasts over 100 art galleries.  This creative community has continued to promote and protect an artistic spirit and the city is filled with hundreds of distinctive pieces of public art.  From innovative art installations along the seaside pathways of Heisler Park and Treasure Island to whimsical benches and sculptures throughout the Laguna Village area, art aficionados can immerse themselves in the artistic lifestyle unique to Laguna Beach. 

The homes in Laguna also reflect this spirit.  Architecturally significant homes dot the hillsides of Laguna Beach – from spectacular contemporary “Cliff-hanger” houses and modern marvels by world-famous architects to charming beach cottages and storybook craftsman bungalows.  There is a style to fit every taste and a wealth of local art with which to decorate your walls!

  • Gourmet Delights and Local Cuisine

If you are a foodie, living in a Laguna Beach home is a dream.  Most restaurants are within a five-minute drive or walk into town, and the presence of a diversified culinary culture makes dining out an adventure.  Laguna Beach has an abundant selection of dining alternatives scattered along its coastal enclave – from casual Mexican to sophisticated gourmet fare.  Restaurants range from premium fine dining places to informal seaside cafes where waves crash below your table. Boasting fresh local seafood and farm-to-table cuisine from California’s organic farms and wineries, Laguna Beach provides a gastronomic experience that is both diversified and unique.

  • The Blissful Beach 

The serene sound of waves lapping the shoreline, the call of seagulls mingling with children’s laughter on the beach, the warm feel of soft sand below your feet – the Laguna Beach lifestyle makes every day seem like a holiday.  Whether you’re sunbathing on the sand, diving in the clear azure ocean, sailing, surfing, or paddleboarding along its pristine shores – life by the beach provides limitless opportunities for fun and relaxation.  Locals embrace the sun, the sea, and the surrounding beauty of this spectacular coastline Every. Single. Day.  Total bliss!

  • Interaction That Builds Community Bonds Stronger

There is a true sense of Community in Laguna Beach.  Your neighbors get to know you, they walk their dogs by and say “Hello!”  Local shopkeepers remember your name.  In this fast-paced world, it is wonderful to live in an area where people are grateful to just BE here. Us locals know we are lucky to live in such a beautiful, friendly place.  Some yards even have signs posting sweet sentiments like “You are awesome” and “Have a Happy Day!”  The entire town joins in for “First Thursday Art Walk” when galleries open for extended hours each first Thursday of the month and provide complimentary wine and refreshments.  Hospitality Night is a special community evening where residents gather in the Laguna Village area to celebrate the holiday season.  Then there are Opening Nights and Locals Days at all the Festivals. Honestly, it’s an amazing place to call home.

So that idyllic Laguna Beach Home for sale…

I believe that Lifestyle is the number one consideration in deciding where to live.  Quality of Life is everything!  Owning a property in Laguna Beach represents more than simply a “Lifestyle” purchase, however – traditionally Laguna Beach Homes have provided lucky residents with solid investments and a steady increase of equity over the years.  There ARE only so many homes within close proximity of the ocean, and Coastline views are priceless.  Vacation and Rental Homes along the Laguna Coast are highly lucrative investments and vacancy rates are exceptionally low (median temperature of 70 degrees, sunny skies all year long, what’s not to love…).  Many current residents initially thought Laguna Beach was unaffordable.  But, even on a lower budget, there are creative ways to buy into this special beach town – we will be happy to show you how!

With a “relatively” easy commute to the major cities of L.A. and San Diego (time those drives to miss the city rush-hour traffic though!), Laguna Beach is the ideal distance from the city bustle – it truly feels like an escape!  When looking at homes for sale in Laguna Beach it pays to consult with a local expert for guidance.  We always know the best deals!  It’s also wise to consider how your preferred criteria for a purchase match your targeted area, as each neighborhood in the Laguna Beach community has different attributes (and price ranges).  Get to know Laguna Beach with a seasoned Realtor at Laguna Coast Real Estate – we offer professional assistance in an organized, friendly, and hassle-free way. Contact us to learn more!

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