Laguna Beach House – an escape and sanctuary!

A Laguna Beach house is a happy place.  Those of us who feel the pull to live near the coast understand the emotional connection with the ebb and flow of waves… the sentimental tug of sea, sand and sky – the call of seagulls overhead.  To live near the water, whether a cottage on the sand or a laguna beach house with a coastline view, is an immensely sentimental experience.  Living with a backdrop of sparkling blue water and vibrant sunsets is both mesmerizing and meditative.  Beach lovers from around the world escape to Laguna Beach each year ~ whether to sunbathe and play in the tidepools in the summers, to stroll along frothy sea foam shores in the winter, or to relax at their “Beach House” all year long.  This is living at its finest!  A coastal lifestyle is healing and restorative… for a week, a month or for years.  Join us!  Let us show you an incredible way of life – a home by the sea.  The ladies at Laguna Coast Real Estate know this little slip of paradise and live to share it with you… call/text us at # 949-494-0490 or email  Let us find your dream house along the Laguna Coast.

Laguna Beach Houses
Laguna Beach House near Crescent Bay
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