Top ten things to love about Laguna Beach in Springtime
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Top ten things to love about Laguna Beach in Springtime

Laguna Beach ocean front park, Heisler Park
Walking Paths In Laguna Beach, Picnic, Beach

Laguna Beach remains an all-too-rare gem in our often overdeveloped world.  Surrounded by a lush landscape memorialized by Plein Air painters for decades, this small coastal town maintains the historical character of its origins as an Artist Colony.   Golden beaches and secluded azure coves find themselves framed by wildflower-dotted hillsides graced with eucalyptus and palm trees.  Charming beach cottages nestle beside stunning contemporary homes along the iconic coastline that climbs from canyons to soaring cliffsides with breathtaking ocean views that have come to define the Laguna Coast.

Top ten things to Love about Laguna Beach

Attempting to distill everything into a list of “Top Ten things to love about Laguna Beach” seems near impossible.  Almost as difficult as trying to capture Laguna’s infinite splendor with a simple paintbrush on canvas.  Daunting as it may be, it’s my mission to highlight the most noteworthy and unique aspects of this special beach community.  Well, here goes… these are my top ten things to love about Laguna Beach in the springtime!

Laguna Beach top ten beach Crescent Bay Beach
Crescent Bay Beach in Laguna Beach, CA


Spanning out from central “Main Beach” – with its boardwalk promenade and open expanse of gardens, beach volleyball, basketball courts, and walking paths – Laguna Beach comprises twenty-five individual beaches and coves.  Each with their own distinctive character and natural beauty.  Nothing exemplifies this more than Diver’s Cove and Picnic Beach, located just above Main Beach and tucked below Heisler Park.  With landscaped pathways, artsy sculptures and whimsical handcrafted benches standing as testaments to Laguna’s artistic heritage.  

Further north, Crescent Bay comprises a magnificent seascape… complete with tide pools and a protected cove surrounded by steep, rocky cliffs.  Alternately, surf-friendly beaches like Brooks, Oak and Cress form the heart of the  “Hip District”, where lively cafes and surf shops await just steps away.

Victoria Beach Homes for Sale or Rent near Victoria Tower in Laguna Beach, CA
Laguna Beach Victoria Beach, Beach Tower

On the other hand, the “neighborhood” beaches of Wood’s Cove, Moss Point, and Table Rock enjoy their own unique serenity.  Victoria Beach, known for its iconic castle-like turret and seawater pool, attracts Instagram shutterbugs year-round.  Expansive walking beaches lie just below West Street in South Laguna, where one can stroll along a wide stretch of sand.

Aliso Creek Beach, with its beach-side cafe and fire pits on the sand, offers “day-trippers heaven”.  Meanwhile, Treasure Island, just below the Montage Resort, inspires photographers and Plein-air painters alike with its unique rock formations and tide pools.  This scenic beach also distinguishes itself as a wonderful place for children to discover the magic of sea anemones and starfish.

Laguna Beach Top Ten Views
Laguna Beach Parks and Hiking Trail


With over fifty Art Galleries in Laguna Beach, Laguna has maintained its standing as an Artist Colony since 1918.  That’s one hundred and one years!  From Plein Air landscapes to Contemporary paintings and Post Modern Art, local artists offer something for everyone.  On the first Thursday of each month, Laguna’s Galleries open their doors from 6 pm to 9 pm for “First Thursdays Art Walk” – further welcoming residents and the public to come to explore what’s new!  To that end, galleries graciously provide appetizers, desserts, and wine.  Many of the cafes, bars and other local establishments also hold festive events… offering more opportunities to socialize and wander from one end of the village to the other!


Surfing, Skimboarding, Sea Kayaking, Paddleboarding, Boating, Sailing, Scuba Diving, Snorkeling, Swimming – we’ve got it all!  There are so many options and ways to take advantage of enjoying the ocean in Laguna Beach that there is probably one I’ve missed… but our most prized amenity is the clear blue Pacific that hugs our shores.  

Most noteworthy, Laguna is world-renowned for Surf Sports ever since Hobie Alter put us on the map.  For instance, The Brooks Street Surf Classic has brought Surfing legends to our shores since 1955.  Likewise, Victoria Beach’s World Championship Skimboard competition is an annual event.  From young and old, locals and vacationers alike take to the waves every day.  Surf culture is definitely way of life in this community!  Paddleboarding is the newest wave (literally!) and several local companies offer lessons and equipment for rent and sale for all of the above.

Laguna Beach Parks, Top Ten
Heisler Park in Laguna Beach, California


Everyone in Laguna has their favorite Hiking Trails and Parks – and there are plenty of both for whatever mood you are in!  Whether you like to take long walks, jog, hike, go for a short stroll or just have a picnic.  You can “feel at one with nature” at dozens of gorgeous locations along the coast.  

Laguna Beach is blissfully surrounded by Wilderness Parks and verdant green space.  Fortunately, the residents have protected the most awe-inspiring scenic vistas for all to enjoy.  Heisler Park is perched above the downtown village with views to Dana Strand Headlands.  As a result, Painting Easels are set up from artists around the world to capture Laguna Coast’s famed shoreline… designated “California’s Riviera.”  With landscaped pathways meandering through bucolic gardens one can stroll with children, dogs or a partner for a romantic interlude.  Similarly, Treasure Island Park –  adjacent to the Montage Resort – offers painter-friendly vistas of waves crashing along the arched rocks and scenic paths along a promontory point. 

Bluebird Park – better known as “the Rocketship Park” by children – is fun for family members of all ages.  Certainly, with its colorful playgrounds and picnic areas (also offering free concerts in summer!), this place brings out the kid in all of us.  Moulton Meadows  Park offers incredible canyon views with miles of hiking trails along with tennis courts, a playground and basketball courts.  In addition, there are many other small parks tucked within the neighborhoods.  And, above all, miles of trails that connect the community along the ridgeline with forever coastline views.

Top Ten things to Love about Laguna Beach
Plein Air Painter, Laguna Beach


Laguna’s charming and eclectic Village area is made up of quaint boutiques.  With artistic clothing and beachy-chic decor shops like Tuvalu & Cottage Furnishings.  Surf-style clothing and accessory stores like Hobie abound.  Since chain stores are not permitted in Laguna Beach, every establishment is unique and individually owned.  Consequently, gifts purchased here are often “one-of-a-kind” and handcrafted by artists.


Laguna Beach is “Foodie” heaven!  From lively alfresco cafes like Zinc, Anastasia, Alessa and Urth in the heart of the Village to Ocean Front treasures like Driftwood, The Deck, Las Brisas, and Splashes. Locals and visitors alike have a favorite spot to get their fix and meet friends. 

Most outdoor cafes are pet-friendly and casual.  Meanwhile, people-watching is always entertaining in Laguna Beach!  Again – few restaurant chains here – just lots of unique restaurants with brilliant chefs and great ambiance.  Nick’s and Mozambique are locals favorites (along with all cafes mentioned above).  There is always something new to try and many restaurants offer “Happy Hour” deals.

Long time treasures Heidelberg Cafe, the Rooftop (with forever ocean views!) and Avila’s El Ranchito all have outdoor patio areas in the “Hip District”.  Further south, Montage Resort’s Mosaic Grill, The Loft, and Studio are worth the splurge for their Coastline views and gourmet dining!

Main Beach Homes for Sale, Laguna Village Real Estate, Laguna Beach CA
Laguna Village Laguna Beach CA


Historic Euro-style “Lane” tucked in the Village off Coast Highway between Nick’s and Watermarc Restaurant (which has romantic tables among the branches of a Peppertree!).  This little alleyway, built around the pepper tree in 1930, is a Laguna Beach landmark gem lined with boutiques and specialty shops.  Discover La Rue du Chocolat – where picture-perfect handmade chocolates and truffles can be found.  Alternately, at Gelato Paradiso, one can savor a dozen or more fabulous flavors of authentic Italian Ice Cream.  Yum!


The Festivals (Festival of Arts, Sawdust & Art a Faire – all which would be at the top of this list in summer) are not open again until late June.  But nestled in Laguna Canyon within the “Arts District” (between the Festival grounds beside Seven Degrees Gallery) is a new creative collective.  With a mix of restaurants, bars, and retail shops, this lively retail center is colorful.  Surrounded with painted murals and mosaics, it has become the central “hub” in the Canyon.  

First of all, with a cool coffee shop and restaurant (Kitchen in the Canyon), a local brewery (Laguna Beach Beer Company –  complete with a beer tasting room and casual dining), there is something here for every mood.  A wonderful Vietnamese fusion Cafe (Another Kind Cafe) and a quaint boutique (Laguna Candles) nestle beside Laguna College Art + Design Studio/Gallery.  Soon to come – Oliver’s Osteria Mare Monti – an authentic Italian restaurant and a welcome addition to this vibrant collection.


From Quaint Beach Cottages to Contemporary Cliffhangers, Upside-down houses and Modern Mansions… Laguna Beach has a wide range of architectural styles designed by Artists and landmark Architects throughout the years.  Many Village homes were originally built as one-room beach cottages in the downtown area beginning in 1800.  Some of the Craftsman, Cotswold and Beach Bungalows remain, but they have mostly been expanded over time, and are now surrounded by lovely gardens.

Upside-down houses were created in the hillsides to take advantage of the views.  Consequently, these stacked two and three-story homes are mostly high in the Arch Beach Heights and Summit areas of Laguna Beach, with the primary living areas on top, and bedrooms below.

Summer get-away Vacation Homes in Laguna Beach by Laguna Coast Real Estate
2210 Crestview Dr. Ocean View Rental in Laguna Beach – Turn-key, Furnished Rental

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Likewise, Cliffhangers were built into the canyon cliffs and steep hillsides of Laguna Beach.  These stunning contemporary homes, cascading down three or more levels, take advantage of the panoramic ocean views from all levels.  A fete of Architecture – most Cliffhangers were built on challenging slopes by creative builders in the areas of Portofino and Alta Vista.   

Alternately, you will find Modern Mansions tucked along the hillsides and Coastline areas of Laguna Beach, with walls of glass and cutting edge angles.  These masterpieces typically have amazing ocean views as well.  Finally, many Mediterranean homes, dotting the hillsides with their pretty terracotta tiled roofs and sepia tones, bring to mind villas in the Riviera or sister city Menton, France.


Eclectic abodes abound – like the famous Rock House, which was carved into the rock at Aliso Creek Beach with an interior seemingly designed by Elves from Lothlorian.  In contrast, the Witch’s House” on Wave Street in North Laguna (built by architect Vernon Barker in 1924, during weekends for over five years) resulted in a home straight out of a Grimm’s fairy tale.  Also noteworthy, the whimsical Normandy-style Pyne Castle above Riddle Field.  All tell a tale of eccentric artisans that lived in a beach town that encouraged creativity!

1295 Ocean Front Home for Sale or Rent by Laguna Beach Real Estate agent Cynthia Ayers
1293 Ocean Front Homes for Sale or Rent in Laguna Beach, Turn-key Furnished
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Last, but not least, Vacation Rentals are a wonderful alternative to Laguna’s many hotels.  Especially for families and those that appreciate the privacy of having their own “home away from home”.  Vacation Rental Homes have become a popular choice for vistors wanting to experience the authentic Laguna Beach lifestyle like a local.  

In the same vein, Vacation Rentals offer a great way to test out the community or specific neighborhood before making a commitment to purchase an investment home, second home or make a permanent move.  From Beach Cottages to Ocean Front Estates, there are many options available.  Most are often within walking distance of beaches, shops, and restaurants.

Turn-key furnished rentals that are completely equipped with full kitchens provide a more cost-effective accommodation for longer-term stays than a hotel (where the restaurant expenses, occupancy taxes, tips, etc. add up).  They are especially economical in the “off-season” months of September through May when prices tend to drop dramatically.  Vacation Rental Homes are also a terrific solution for locals doing remodeling projects and offer a “staycation” close to home to oversee their progress.

Weekly and Daily Rentals –  Caution

It should be noted that short term rentals under a month have become a bit of a controversy in the past few years in Laguna Beach because of sites like Airbnb, VRBO and Craigslist.  Unfortunately, due to lack of oversight and disgruntled neighbors dealing with parking issues and noise. Consequently, many residents have basically “boycotted” these sites.  The city now has strict zoning laws forbidding rentals under a month with few exceptions.  Therefore, please book through a respected local agency like Laguna Coast Real Estate so you don’t find yourself confronted with Zoning authorities when checking into a Vacation Rental.  

Also, be cautious of dealing directly with out of town “owners” that are not present to show the property – they may not be the actual owner and you could arrive to find the property already occupied!  Finally, don’t ever send funds via untraceable routes like Western Union.   Seriously, it costs renters NOTHING to work with a local Realtor.  Play it safe and use a professional who offers concierge-level service and proper documents that protect both vacationers and owners alike!

The Laguna Beach Lifestyle

So there you are – a local mom’s (and Real Estate Broker’s) take on the Top Ten things to love about Laguna Beach, my hometown.  I’m sure I’ll think of many more within the next few weeks and promise to post a Summer update including Laguna’s famous Festivals and festivities.  The Laguna Beach lifestyle is something I appreciate every day and feel blessed to enjoy with my family and friends.  We are foremost a close-knit community.  My children were born and raised here.  I have traveled the world and can’t imagine a better place to live and I’d love to introduce this beautiful community to you.  If you are looking to rent or purchase a home here, click on the link below or call me direct.

You’re the reason why I love what I do!  Thanks for reading!  ~ Cynthia Ayers 

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