Benefits of Coastal Living
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Benefits of Coastal Living

The Benefits of Coastal living

For many of us, vacations by the ocean are one of our most cherished memories. From that first encounter with sparkling blue water as kids, we forever stayed addicted to the so-called vitamin “Sea.”  Just staying by the ocean for a couple of days helps us reconnect with ourselves and with others. After our vacations, we come back to our everyday lives feeling refreshed, energized, sporting a tan, and a bit sad.  Wouldn’t it be nice to enjoy all the benefits of being by the ocean all year long? What benefits can coastal living provide for you and your family?

benefits of Coastal Living
Enjoy the benefits of Coastal Living in Laguna Beach, California

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Let go past the daydreaming and see why you should consider having a residence by the ocean!

You will live longer.

In the past, people didn’t have a deep understanding of human medicine; however, they knew that living by the sea has significant benefits.  Historians note that many people suffering from Tuberculosis and terminal illness found great relief once they moved near the ocean.

Today, living in urban areas with air quality that doesn’t meet federal standards comes with many health challenges. Low air quality in US cities is directly related to many serious respiratory conditions, such as Chronic bronchitis and asthma. Particle matter found in polluted air over time can cause lung cancer.

Many physicians point out that the level of oxygen our body can use is highest by the ocean. The high level of negative ions in the coastal area’s air helps our body use oxygen more efficiently. Increased oxygen levels in our brain cause us to feel more energized and more alert. Also, high oxygen levels can reduce the symptoms of respiratory allergies and asthma.

Besides breathing clean and oxygen-rich air, your body can also benefit from swimming in the cold water at least two times a week. People who develop the habit of swimming in the ocean have a higher level of white blood cells in their bloodstream, which are essential “protectors” of our bodies. They fight infections and abnormal cell growth, which can lead to cancer.

Many scientists point out that people living by the coast live longer, with a mortality rate reduction of almost 20%, compared to people living in urban areas.

You will sleep better living by the ocean.

Sleep disorder is a growing issue in many individuals in the 21st century. With everyday stress and high cortisol levels, people turn to numerous methods and medications to help them sleep. Sounds of distant thunders and waves clashing are helpful for many people who have insomnia. How would you feel to have real-life ambient sound in your bedroom night after night?

Medics claim that people sleeping by the ocean experience reduced muscle tension, a lower stress level, and a lower heart rate. These benefits, including fresh air, are crucial when it comes to your sleep quality. Do you have trouble sleeping? There is nothing better than moving from the city crowd and reconnecting with nature!

You will feel more relaxed living by the ocean.

Except for sleep deprivation, modern people living in crowded cities face stress, anxiety, and depression.  It estimated that every fourth citizen of the US living in a big city struggles with at least one psychological problem. The stress hormone cortisol is responsible for weight gain and hypertension, making mental health issues even worse.

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Having a house by the ocean with a beautiful view will make you spend more time outdoors.  Sunrays will provide you with a beautiful tan and a sufficient dose of vitamin D. It is well known that people in the UK need to take Vitamin D supplements due to a lack of sun to stay focused and motivated. You will also most likely want to engage yourself in outdoor exercises or activities, which will boost your feel-good hormones!

Many scientists claim that our connection with the water comes from us being in the womb surrounded by water for months before we were born. Spending time by the water, swimming, or just glancing on endless blue horizons reminds us that we are part of something greater than ourselves, which is a very liberating feeling, indeed.

Hopefully, by now, you have an idea about how coastal living can improve your lifestyle and overall your psychophysical wellbeing. Let’s not forget how the coronavirus outbreak has left so many facing lockdowns, feeling bored and depressed in small apartments. Living in these challenging times makes us appreciate nature more, and living by the ocean can make us forget about the uncertainty and fear we might be feeling.

benefits of Coastal Living

About the Author: I’m Maja, a thirty-three-year-old DVM living and working in Serbia. I have a lot of experience working long shifts in a small practice with dogs and cats. I love writing, researching, and learning new skills. I’m very passionate about writing for Nomade Villa Collection on luxury villa experiences.




The Benefits of Coastal living in Southern California

If you are interested in exploring the benefits of living by the ocean along the Laguna Coast, we are happy to provide more details or give you a tour of beach homes in your price range.  Feel free to contact Cynthia Ayers at #949-494-0490 or view all currently available coastal homes on our website at Laguna Coast Real Estate.

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