Affordable Secret Community in Laguna Beach
Affordable Secret Community in Laguna Beach

Affordable Secret Community in Laguna Beach

Laguna Beach Cottage for Sale close to Beach and Shops
Affordable Community of Laguna Canyon adjacent to Art Festivals!

Affordable Secret Community in Laguna Beach

Unknown to most of the residents in this coastal area, there is an affordable “secret” community in Laguna Beach.  Nestled in the heart of Laguna Canyon, between the downtown “village area” of Laguna Beach and the surrounding 20,000 acres of indigenous coastal canyons to the East, resides a secluded community known only to few.  Here, a neighborhood of small cottages set amid lush rose gardens, bountiful fruit trees and walking paths abundant with blossoms abound. Where whimsical, meandering lanes with names like Fairywood and Woodland Drive wind through vintage cottages and rustic bungalows.  Most of the homes here have been carefully restored with fine craftsmanship – creating a timeless aesthetic and a sense of “Secret Garden” charm.  Around every bend, one is captivated with magic.  This is the enchanted woodland community of Laguna Canyon.

Affordable Homes in Laguna Beach
Charming Cottage in Laguna Canyon on Fairywood Lane – Lowest price single-family Home in Laguna Village, steps to Beach!

Laguna Canyon Artist’s Neighborhood

Many of the inhabitants of this hidden pocket of Laguna Canyon are artists or creative people themselves. Inspired by nature and the bucolic canyon they live in.  To the residents who live here, Laguna Canyon is the foundational place that Laguna’s pioneering artists held in the community. Notably, this neighborhood is home to the lively and colorful Arts District “The Hive”, the Sawdust Festival, Art-a-Fair, and the Festival of Arts.

Most of the lanes are walking paths only… resulting in a peaceful setting for chirping birds and frisky bunnies by day, and the chorus of crickets and croaking frogs in the evenings.  Further, live music from the nearby Festival grounds melds with the sounds of nature.  Here, in this friendly “hamlet”, neighbors wave or greet you when you cross paths.  There’s a “small town” feeling, a kinship – a sense of what Laguna Beach was like when back when it began as an artist colony.

Laguna Beach Cottage at 1257 Fairywood Lane in Laguna Canyon
1257 Fairywood Lane Cottage in Laguna Beach, the lowest-priced single-family home within the Laguna Village area! Just steps to the beach and cafes, shops, and all festivals in Laguna.

Surrounded by the Laguna Coast Wilderness Park, this unspoiled Southern California habitat welcomes hiking, mountain biking, and abundant wildlife. Laguna Canyon is also home to a winery, a world-renowned art school, and artist studios, as well as other businesses rich in artisan culture. In addition, downtown Laguna Village and Main Beach are just a short stroll away.

Laguna’s “Canyon Artists” were the creative force that helped make Laguna Beach the sought-after destination it is today. And, while many of the communities that make up Laguna Beach have become modernized, resulting in most of the original cottages being altered or completely replaced – this Laguna Canyon neighborhood was protected.  Most importantly, the surrounding green “open space” has been preserved for future generations who enjoy being enveloped by nature, but residing just around the corner from downtown.  You don’t even need a car living here… Laguna’s Free Trolley stop is a block away!

Lowest priced home in Laguna Beach
Affordable Laguna Beach Cottage

Hidden – Just steps to the Village and Main Beach

This affordable secret community in Laguna Beach begs exploring.  The prices of homes here are among the least expensive in this otherwise pricey coastal enclave.  For instance, most Laguna Canyon homes range from $800,000 to under a million dollars.  In a town where even condos average well over $1,000,000 – it is rare to find a single-family home anywhere else in Laguna Beach within this price range. Our 1267 Fairywood Lane Cottage listing is the lowest-priced single-family home within the Laguna Village area!  The advantage of being steps to the Village and Main Beach makes the homes here even more of a bargain. Dozens of restaurants, shops, and galleries are just a block away!

Laguna Canyon Neighborhood
Enchanting Cottages and Artist Studios in Laguna Canyon

While Laguna’s Canyon road is often considered by most to be a quick route to and from the beach, it is also the entranceway to this captivating community.  Follow us, over a hidden bridge on Milligan Road – where you can discover the enchantment that Laguna Canyon has to offer.  Tap on the link here

Or let us show you the way!  For a tour of Laguna Canyon Cottages for Sale contact Cynthia Ayers at #949-494-0490 or email

Cynthia Ayers, Broker Laguna Coast Real Estate
Cynthia Ayers, Broker of Laguna Coast Real Estate
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