Attractions of Dana Point: Part One


Dana Point Hot Spots

Dana Point is another community among the Laguna Coast known as “the only romantic spot in California” as named by its founder Richard Henry Dana in 1835.

Dana Point Harbor – The harbor has become a hub for boats and visitors from all over. Lined with unique shops and restaurants, there is plenty to do in the harbor. There are also several water activities to take part in including music cruises, paddle boarding, sports fishing, whale watching, kayaking, and more.

Ocean Institute – The institute is a marine education facility situated in the heart of the harbor. The Ocean Institute is a non-profit that works to educate the public in environmental and ocean education with hands-on learning. Their popular attractions include tide pools and two ships: the Spirit of Dana Point and a replica of the ship owned by the city’s founder, The Pilgrim.

These are just two of many attractions throughout Dana Point. Stay tuned for more Dana Point activities in our next month’s blog. If you’re interested in moving to this vibrant city contact Cynthia Ayers at Laguna Coast Real Estate.

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