Laguna Beach Cottages for Sale

Laguna Beach Cottages for Sale
Laguna Beach Cottages for Sale or Rent

Laguna Beach Cottages for Sale

Laguna Beach Cottages make up much of the enchanting landscape of the quaint beach town.  Gracing the tree streets of North Laguna and Emerald Bay, tucked throughout the Village area, or hidden along Wood’s Cove and Victoria Beach neighborhoods – these charming and unique homes define the character of Laguna Beach.

Laguna Beach began as an artists colony, and these vintage beach retreats were originally built as summer cottages that spanned out from the main Village area and enveloped the essence of this picturesque resort town.  Now, mostly restored with charm and personality, these gems of Laguna Beach are still lovingly painted by Plein Air artists.  Their iconic imagery fills the galleries and art festivals of this community.  Many cottage residences are showcased each year during Laguna’s annual “Charm House Tour” and are nostalgically protected by Laguna Beach’s artistic residents and historical society.

If you dream of owning a home in Laguna Beach, a cottage is the perfect starter home.  Laguna Coast Real Estate agents are local experts that can help you find your dream home!  Contact us to view Laguna Beach Cottages for sale or rent!

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