Attractions of Dana Point: Part Two


Laguna Beach Attractions

As you have seen in part one of our blog, Dana Point is filled with many attractions. Here are a few more that are not to be missed.

Dana Wharf Whale Watching- Seeing whales break out of the water is a breathtaking sight. These majestic animals may be massive in size but are graceful sea creatures. There are several whale watching trips to be found in Dana Point. Many of them offer a sighting guarantee or your next trip is free!


Laguna Art Museum- Study the cultural history of California showcased in Laguna Art Museum. The museum, in particular, focuses on Laguna Beach culture in particular but with over 30,000 pieces on display, it is the perfect place for art lovers.


San Juan Capistrano Mission- Visit the place where it all started. San Juan Capistrano is considered to many as the birthplace of Orange County. The original buildings are still standing and a sight to behold.


Residents of Laguna Beach have the easiest access to all of these sites. To find a luxury home in the area, look to Laguna Coast Real Estate.

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